Best Gift Ideas for Pontoon Boaters in 2020

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Here are 9 great pontoon gift ideas for the pontoon captain in your family in 2020.

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Sovaro Luxury Pontoon Cooler

1.  Sovaro Luxury Cooler, Black, 30 Quart

The Sovalor Cooler is a very good looking and practical cooler for your boat that holds up to 8 wine bottles standing upright.  Cork is actually used for the insulation and it resists temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees.  There are also tough luggage-style wheels to make moving it around very easy.  The lid easily stays in place and it also includes a one-touch latch, rear drain plug, non-slip feet, cast aluminum side handles, and a rubber gasket in the lid.  Buy it here.

RTIC Pontoon Cooler

2.  RTIC Cooler 20 Soft Pack

Yes, this RTIC cooler can keep ice from melting for up to 5 days and it fits twenty cans of beer or soda.  Excellent construction with up to 2″ of foam insulation and with a no-leak zipper.  The zipper can be kind of hard for a really young kid to use but the exterior does not leak of this cooler does not sweat.

Tervis Captain and First Mate Tumblers

3.  Tervis Captain First Mate Emblem Bottle, 16-Ounce, Pack of 2

Look cool, keep your drinks cool, and enjoy the unconditional life-time warranty by Tervis.  These cool tumblers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

SkiffDaddy is the Best Pontoon Cup Holder

4.  SkiffDaddy Drink/Beverage/Cup Holder and Caddy For Boats and Pontoons

Every pontoon boat owner needs one of these.  We use them for when we are standing outside or our boat having a drink.  They fit all sizes of bottles and cans with and without koozies.   These fit in all sorts of places including pontoon boats, kayaks, golf carts, dock and deck railing, lawn and patio chairs, canoe gunwales, and more!

Cooler and Cup Holder Combo

5.  AIRHEAD AHAO-1 Aqua Oasis Insulated Nylon Cooler with Removable Floating Base

Don’t stop the party to restock the cooler with the Airhead Aqua Oasis Cooler.  The cooler is leak proof and keeps 24 cans ice cold for hours.  There is also a handy area for the frisbee, sunscreen, and perhaps your sunglasses.  It’s also easy to tether to your pontoon.

Yes! Beer Pong on the Lake

6.  H2Pong Floating Beer Pong Set

Be the life of the lake with your very floating beer pong set.  This kit includes 5 pong balls and a place to stash the beer.  The set holds 28 cups and seems to be pretty rugged and easy to inflate.


7.  Great Big Mable

The Great Big Mable four-seater is one of the easiest and most pleasurable tubes to ride for kids and adults of all ages.  Everyone gets a sturdy handle to hold onto, there is a nice backrest, and it’s super easy to inflate and deflate.

Keep Your Valuables Out of the Water

8.  Ocean Lion Water Proof Bag

Who doesn’t need to store their cell phone while out boating?  This 20-liter dry sack will keep your gear dry.  It’s big enough to store phones and keys from up to 4 of your passengers as well.  These waterproof guaranteed drybags are very heavy duty yet they stay soft.

A Waterproof Speaker That Jams

9.  BRAVEN Large Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, a speaker that’s loud, wireless, waterproof and very rugged!  The speaker has up to 14 hours of playtime and also included and carrying strap and bottle opener.  While not the cheapest, it has upgraded Bluetooth technology for the best connections.

We hope you like our pontoon gift ideas.  Please check out our other pontoon boat-related reviews and comparisons here.

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