pontoon gift ideas

110 Pontoon Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

If you’re looking for the perfect pontoon boat gift idea for a friend or family member, we’ve got you covered. We have gift ideas for any person and any budget. It doesn’t matter if the gift is for your favorite captain or first mate, these pontoon boat Christmas, Father’s Day, …

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best pontoon ladders

The Best Freshwater and Saltwater Pontoon Ladders

Jumping from your pontoon boat and into the ocean or lake to go for a dive is easy and exciting. But getting back on board? Well, not so much. In fact, boarding your boat can be twice as hard if you’d gone for a swim because you’ll be too tired.  …

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pontoon party accessories

7 Essential Pontoon Party Boat Accessories and 1 to Avoid

If you’re thinking of hosting a party on your boat, there are some must-have pontoon party boat accessories to get you ready for your guests and some additional party essentials to guarantee that you’ll all have a great time onboard. For more party boat ideas, check out our always-updated Ultimate …

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pontoon gift ideas

Best Gift Ideas for Pontoon Boaters

View our Ultimate Pontoon Gift Idea Guide updated for 2019 here. Here are 9 great pontoon gift ideas for the pontoon captain in your family. Email us at editor@pontoonauthority.com if you have ideas for a future ‘best of’ lists. 1.  Sovaro Luxury Cooler, Black, 30 Quart The Sovalor Cooler is …

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turboswing ski tow bar

Monster Swing TurboSwing Ski Tow Bar Review

Whether you enjoy wakeboarding, pontoon tubing, water-skiing, and parasailing, TurboSwing Towbar is a thrilling new way to practice towed water sports behind outboard-powered boats. Turbo Swing’s ski tow bar original equipment raises the tow rope above the wake.  This provides a consistent pull and improves the towing power up to …

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pontoon slide

Rave Sports Pontoon Slide Review

A perfect pontoon slide is an ultimate key to maximum fun. Treat your family and friends to a day out with fun and laughter with the RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide. The slide is among the top-rated boat slides in the pontoon slide market mainly because of its ability to inflate …

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waterproof speaker

Our Favorite Bluetooth Speaker: AOMAIS GO

We have it and we love it.  The AOMAIS GO Bluetooth speaker has it all.  A great LOUD sound, long-lasting battery, and waterproof up to 33′ for 30 minutes. The AOMAIS Go has a clear, rich sound that fills easily make a great party outdoors. Easily connect any device with …

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pontoon diving board

Lillipad Pontoon Diving Board Review

LilliPad Pontoon Diving Boards comprise the world’s sole diving boards designed exclusively for mounting on a boat.  The advanced Award Winning design offers spring bounce action for the jumper. LilliPad Diving Boards offer a power freediving experience. The board, purposely built for mounting on a boat, is intended to enable …

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boat shoes

Men’s Boat Shoes Review

Are you planning a beach vacation or simply looking for a good men’s boat shoes review to keep you comfortable and safe? If so, then you are in the precise place. You are also in a great place to find boating gifts and gadgets, but that’s beside the point.  Boat …

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pontoon grill

Best Pontoon Boat Grill Review

We believe that the Cuisinart is the best pontoon boat grill for use while boating. What makes is great, in addition to onboard cooking, is that it can be easily installed with Arnall’s brackets. Have you ever thought of a spontaneous weekend getaway from work pressure or just a lovely …

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