Lillipad Pontoon Diving Board Review

Lillipad Pontoon Diving Board

LilliPad Pontoon Diving Boards comprise the world’s sole diving boards designed exclusively for mounting on a boat.  The advanced Award Winning design offers spring bounce action for the jumper. LilliPad Diving Boards offer a power freediving experience. The board, purposely built for mounting on a boat, is intended to enable the descending force produced by a person jumping on the end of the attached boat plank usually lost, by similar and reverse elements within its structure. The Result created in spring-action for the jumping individual; and a mild wave vibration for the other remaining individuals’.

LilliPad Diving planks are intended to be used by both adults and children to a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The diving board is built with an adjustable pin to reinforce the spring for heavier or lighter users. Designed with intense wall aluminum extrusion, stainless steel hardware, and urethane spring mechanism, rust and component failure is minimal. In addition, LilliPad Pontoon diving boards offer grip materials and a flexible preservative rail for protected jumping as well as a quick discharge pin to lower the diving board while it is not in use. LilliPad Pontoon Diving Boards are built with a quick release pin, which permits the board to drop downwards along the sides of the boat while not in use.

You can easily stow your Lillipad Pontoon Diving Board by merely unscrewing the three eyebolts that lock it to the boat. The device then splits into two segments; the baseboard and ladder, which can be stored under a bench. Besides, all stable mounting equipment is located under the boat resulting in a floor-covering surface free of any hitches. The LilliPad Pontoon diving boards mainly feature energy canceling fixtures, implying that one can play for longer hours without destabilizing the boat, as it is built for both kids and adults up to 250 lbs.

The LilliPad board is constructed out of thick wall aluminum with stainless steel hardware and quick release pins to allow for easy storage and docking. It also stows away in two sections, and fit in most seating storage when not in use. LilliPad Pontoon diving boards are constructed to last for a very long time. The exterior design comes with thick wall aluminum extrusion, stainless steel sheets, corrosion, and component free durable materials. In addition, LilliPad diving boards offer grip equipment and adjustable stabilizer bars for safe diving as well as a quick withdrawal pin to lower the diving board while not in use.  You can purchase the Lillipad Diving Board here.

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