Top 4 Float Tubes by Classic Accessories

top 4 fishing float tubes 2

Float tubes are cost-effective alternatives to boats and other water body vessels. Of late, the float tubes have gained quite a lot of popularity among fisherman as tubes have a lot of additional features and storage platforms too. Before choosing … [continue reading…]

Monster Swing TurboSwing Towbar Review

best turbo swing towbar review

Monster Swing TurboSwing Towbar Whether you enjoy wakeboarding, water tubing, water-skiing, and parasailing, TurboSwing Towbar is a thrilling new way to practice towed water sports behind outboard powered boats. Turbo Swing’s towbar original equipment raises the tow rope above the … [continue reading…]

Inflatable Fishing Float Tube Review: The Togiak

togiak fishing float tube review

Our review of the Togiak inflatable fishing float tube, by Classic Accessories, start here. Here, we will discuss a backpackable float tube that has a hydrodynamic hull shape and provides maximum stability. We loved the attached striping apron with the … [continue reading…]

Inflatable Fishing Float Tube Review: The Bighorn

bighorn fishing float tube review

The Bighorn inflatable fishing float tube review, by Classic Accessories, showcases a  secure and stable float tube that has tremendous maneuverability. This tube has a hydrodynamic hull shaped design which enhances tracking and steering. It also has a high seat … [continue reading…]

RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide Review

best rave pontoon slide reviews

RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide Review A perfect boat slide is an ultimate key to maximum fun. Treat your family and friends to a day out on new fun and laughter with the RAVE Sports 00001 Pontoon Slide. The slide is … [continue reading…]

Inflatable Fishing Float Tube Review: The Cumberland

cumberland fishing float tube review

The Cumberland inflatable fishing float tube by Classic Accessories has a hydrodynamic, hull U-shaped impressive design. It has adjustable shoulder straps with zipped pockets. It also has D-ring attached to it. The high seat provides greater visibility. It also has … [continue reading…]