AIRHEAD High-Pressure 12 Volt Pump

Airhead 12 Volt Air Pump

AIRHEAD High-Pressure AHP-12HP Pump 12 Volt

To get out on the water with your paddleboard does not require much effort and time inflating your board. If you are keen on a lasting solution, the chances are that the Airhead Pressure Pump suits your needs and budget. The device ranks high thanks to the presences of features such as sharp hooks, strong cords and electric pump technique that save you time.

Airhead products at pontoon authorityThe Airhead Pressure Pump helps inflate towable, rafts, boats, and other inflatable equipment. A close look at the system’s capacity gives the ability to operate with a volume capacity of 410 liters per minute. The 12-volt pump comes with a detachable pressure valve that thwarts fluids past 1.4 psi for safety. The pump has a 28-amp cable, which connects to a boat battery, vehicle, or truck for power using sturdy clips with a 10-foot long electric cord. It includes adapters for all valves such as Bravo, Stem, Leafield, Boston, and Hulkey Roberts.

Features twelve-volt air pumps with a high-pressure volume capacity of over 400 liters per minute count and contains detachable force release regulator Prevents filling beyond 1.4 psi. It is fitted with hooks for marine machinery as well as automobiles and trucks battery using sturdy alligator clips attached to a ten-foot power cord. The Adapters integrated for the attachments include brands such as Bravo, Boston, Leafield, and Hulkey Roberts. Airhead AHP-12HP Powers up to 28 amps; and comes with a 90-day warranty

The 12-volt air Airhead AHP-12HP paddle floorboard pump is designed for rapid inflation mainly on rafts boats or paddleboards. It is also used for deflation purposes for the same equipment. This pump stands out from other 12-volt pumps due to its ability to produce superior air pressure of other 12-volt pumps. To use it, connect directly to a car or boat battery through the alligator clips. The additional power provided by this air pump is designed to put out an ideal 1.4 PSI, due to its efficiency this pump is fast.

Users report that the pump performs on large rafts and towable in less than five minutes; this means getting out of the water becomes faster than using a less powerful electric pump or a manual pump. In addition to its power and speed, the Airhead is convenient, powerful and more efficient in terms of speed. The valve adapters can fit it on any water machinery requiring inflation. Its alligator clips hooked to an exceptionally long 10-foot cord ensures the easy reach of the paddleboard. It is a handy, fast, and dependable AIR Pressure Pump preferred for its performance and durability.

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