Monster Swing TurboSwing Towbar Review

Monster Swing TurboSwing Towbar

Whether you enjoy wakeboarding, water tubing, water-skiing, and parasailing, TurboSwing Towbar is a thrilling new way to practice towed water sports behind outboard powered boats. Turbo Swing’s towbar original equipment raises the tow rope above the wake.  This provides a consistent pull and improves the towing power up to 20 horsepower. In addition, this inventive system made with a pure metal steel tow bar with a climbing clamp that affixes to the existing outboard motor bracket directly, surrounding the outboard engine.

turbo swing features

Elevated Towrope:

The towbar comes with an elevation of the towrope above the wake, which provides a smooth, consistent pull and improves towing power up to 20 horsepower. It also enables the rope to move sideways smoothly on each end-point resulting in better performance and less effort. The TurboSwing towbar can be mounted to practically any outboard powered boat. Turbo Swings come in handy on runabouts, cabin boats, and pontoon boats as well. It has a corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel tow bar, which elevates the tow rope to steer clear of the waves and prop wash.

The position of the tow bar combined with the engine is another key contributor to the Turbo Swing’s performance. The engine is essentially the heart of the boat and the source of thrust. The proximity of the tow point to the power supply results in more efficient boat management and stability.

What Boats Fit This Towbar?

You probably are wondering the kind of boats that the tow bar can fit without compromising your comfort and safety. Look no further than the Yamaha F225, F250, F300 V6, HPDI 250, V6 F350, V8 HPDI 300, V6 HPDI 175 VMAX, HPDI 250 VMAX, and HPDI 200 VMAX. The Mercury brand 225 Verado, 250 Verado, and 300 Verado. Honda: BF200, BF175, BF225. Suzuki DF225, DF200, DF250, DF300.

turbo swing logoThe inbuilt Pulley system provides a level, consistent pulls which improve boat performance, stability, fuel saving, and towing power. The Turbo Tow bar’s universal motor bracket fitting – fits practically on any outboard motor brand with tow ropes cutting fast and effortlessly. It also accommodates multiple riders’ on a single boat. The Turbo Tow bar may as well be removed or installed with ease.

The Turbo Swing tow system was built to specifically provide outboard powered boat riders an easy, efficient technique to contain towed water sports. It also lifts up the tow rope above the wake and props wash. Additionally, the attached pulley slides the tow rope sideways providing smooth, steady pulls – extremely vital in water skiing and wakeboarding. The turbo swing, when mounted with a Standard Option, Transom Mounting, or Reversed Mounting.

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You can purchase the TurboSwing Towbar here.