Installing a Diving Board for the Front of Your Pontoon Boat

Adding a diving board for the front of your pontoon boat is an awesome idea and, yes, it can be done. That said, there are few highly rated options to consider in 2019. We recommend the Lillipad Marine Diving Board to mount in the front of your pontoon or the rear. In fact, you can mount it on almost any boat that is 18′ or longer. In addition, the Lillipad Diving board has two mounting options, surface or underfloor. We love it when pontooning out on the lake. Kids and adults up to 250 lbs can use this diving board and there on some great safety features and simple installation guides.

Here, we’ll address all of the important questions about installing a diving board for the front of your pontoon boat. If you would like to skip the review, you can jump right to the product below. While here, you may also want to review other great lake activities for your next weekend on the water.

Lillipad Diving Board
Boat SizeFor boats 18′ or longer.
Boat TypeMost types of boats including pontoon, speed, deck, yacht.
Weight LimitUp to 250 lbs.
SafetySafety pin needed for use. No slip traction material on slide.
ColorNumerious color options.
TraileringDo not need to remove to travel.
BoatingDo not need to remove while riding.
InstallationSeveral installation pages and videos.
Lillipad Pontoon Diving Board with Quick Release for Storage
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Energy canceling design means you can play for hours without rocking the boat
  • Designed for kids and adults up to 250 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Big shout out to Lillipad Marine for detailing out many of the most frequently asked questions about installing the diving board for front or rear of your pontoon boat.

What Boats can you Install the LilliPad Diving Board on?

As mentioned above, the LilliPad Diving Boards can be installed a boat that is18 feet in length or larger. Most types of boats including pontoons, deck boats, speedboats, houseboats, motor yachts, and cabin cruisers with integrated swim platforms can take one of these diving boards.

jumping off pontoon diving board
Jumping off the diving board on the front or the rear of a pontoon boat. Credit Lillipad Marine

Will Installation of Diving Board for Front of Pontoon Boat Cause Damage?

Lillipad’s design “cancels the energy of the jumper by counteracting the force within the framework of the diving board. The result? Exciting spring-action for the jumper, a gentle wave-action for the remaining boaters and very little stress on the boat” per Lillipad Marine.

Are There any Safety Features?

  • Traction materials and an adjustable stabilizer rail for stability.
  • A quick-release pin (that is often kept with the boat keys) and needed to engage the diving platform for use.

How durable is the diving board?

The diving boards are designed with heavy wall aluminum extrusions, stainless steel hardware, and urethane spring components, corrosion and component failure is absolutely minimal.

What is the Weight Limit?

install diving board on front or rear of pontoon boat
The Lillipad diving board closes safely while riding. Credit Lillipad Marine

Maximum weight is 250 points and the diving board is designed with a pin that can be adjusted to strengthen the spring for heavier or lighter users. ​​

Are There Color Options?

Yes, you can order the Lillipad diving board in a variety of colors to complement the color scheme of your boat. The foam is also comfortable to the touch and provides excellent traction for safe use of your LilliPad Diving Board.

Will the Diving Board Interfere with the Docking My Boat?

LilliPad Diving Boards are designed with a quick-release pin which allows the diving platform to drop down along the side of the boat while not in use.

Do I Need to Remove the Diving Board While Traveling?

install diving board on front or rear of pontoon boat
Lillipad diving board stores nicely when not in use. Credit Lillipad Marine

Per Lillipad Marine, in most cases, your LilliPad Diving Board does not need to be removed for trailering. For safe trailering, we recommend locking the stabilizer handle into the lowered position and installing your LilliPad Diving Board Cover which secures the diving platform to the shock tube and protects the board from the elements.

Is it a Plank?

LilliPad Diving Boards are NOT a plank. However, unlike a traditional pool diving board, the diving platform itself does not flex. The spring action from the LilliPad comes from the urethane springs which are part of the framework of the diving board.

Are There Different Sizes or Heights of Diving Boards Available?

One size fits all but there are different mounting options.


What is the Difference Between a Surface Mount Diving Board and an Underfloor Mount Diving Board?

The difference between a Surface and Underfloor Mount Diving Board is the mounting hardware kit that comes with the diving board.

Installing a diving board on your boat is an awesome lake activity
Installing a diving board on your boat is an awesome lake activity. Credit Lillipad Marine

LilliPad Diving Boards provides two mounting hardware options for installing a LilliPad Diving Board. The underfloor mounting kit is designed for boats that allow access to the underside of the flooring surface and are free of obstructions from frame members, wires, etc. This video provides step by step instruction for installing underfloor mounting plates.

LilliPad Diving Boards surface mount option is recommended for boats when accessing the underside of the floor is not possible or where frame members prevent the proper placement of underfloor mounting plates. LilliPad’s surface mount option is also used for fiberglass boats with integrated swim platforms, houseboat decks, cruiser decks, and yachts. This video provides step by step instructions for installing the surface mount option.

The Lillipad is a great diving board for the front or rear of your pontoon boat.

Is the Mounting Hardware Difficult to Install?

LilliPad offers two styles of mounting kits. We feel that installation is quite simple for a marine professional or skilled handyman but we will let you be the judge. We have several installation videos available.

Should You Install Diving Board for Front of Pontoon Boat Yourself?

With all of the instructional videos, you should not have a problem installing the Lillipad diving board for the front of your pontoon boat yourself.

A day on the water, using an awesome diving board is a blast but take a break from the sun in our recommended pontoon sun shades.

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