SEAFLO Youth Kayak Review

SEAFLO Youth KIayak with Skeg Wheel

All paddlers want to start their little one’s kayaking as young as they can. Some start out on their parent’s lap as they paddle around in protected lakes, the kids long to try on their own. It is a remarkable sight, watching a 19 lb kid trying to wield a 100cm paddle and a 10-foot kayak. The SeaFlo Youth Kayak is perfect for young kids. It is extremely stable; parents should never be concern kids flipping over. Its foot length makes it extremely receptive and maneuverable. It comes with a backrest, which can be tightened to help move the kids forward to allow their feet to reach the footrests, which mean there is room to grow in years to come. seaflo premium 19lb kayak

Great Features

This little kayak is stable in the lakes, slow rivers, and ocean bays. It is the ideal kayaking equipment for the kids and includes great features like a padded backrest, a foot placement for easy paddling and a cup holder. The front and rear have cargo net lace for safe storage. It is also ISO9001&ISO14001 SGS Certified for child safety precautions anywhere in the world. The SeaFlo Kayak also comes with a 5-years Warranty. It comes with dimensions of Length: 6 foot 11inches, Width 24inches, Depth: 9inches, weight 19lbs, paddler capacity one child and is made of high-density polyethylene.

The child paddle is made from Polypropylene material, durable and reliable on the grip, with a secure blade and an aluminum 6061-T6 shaft. The blade size length is 13.3iches by 6.0 inches width. The shaft diameter measures 1.1 inches while the surface area range is 62.8 square foot inches. The front and back have load net lacing for safe storage space. The SeaFlo Kayak is virtually unsinkable. The Built-in padded seat folds down and gives comfort to the paddling child. It also features molded-in independent foot wells for secure foot bracing.

seaflo premium kids kayakThe SeaFlo Kayak for children is made of polyethylene material and as a sit-on-top kayak; you can boldly let your kid paddle on his own. Sit on top kayaks are best known for stability. With this reasonably priced kayak for children, Kids can now experience their first kayak and start paddling on their own. It is important to help children build Paddling skills before buying a kayak and let them control it on their own to enable them to gain confidence once they go kayaking by themselves.

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