boat shoes

Men’s Boat Shoes Review

Are you planning a beach vacation or simply looking for a good men’s boat shoes review to keep you comfortable and safe? If so, then you are in the precise place. You are also in a great place to find boating gifts and gadgets, but that’s beside the point.  Boat …

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best pontoon covers review

Top Rated Pontoon Boat Covers

We are working on the top-rated pontoon boat covers for 2019.  In addition, we are currently compiling a list of the top rated covers.  View the Latest Top Rated Pontoon Covers  It’s often difficult the chose a cover and that is why our research of the best pontoon covers will …

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seaflo kayak

SEAFLO Youth Kayak Review

All paddlers want to start their little one’s kayaking as young as they can. Some start out on their parent’s lap as they paddle around in protected lakes, the kids long to try on their own. It is a remarkable sight, watching a 19 lb kid trying to wield a …

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best pontoon covers review

Four Best Pontoon Boat Covers Reviewed and Compared for 2019

Day-by-day, boats endure a series of temperature and humidity changes. As a result, contraction and expansion are inevitable, and your valuable boat is under siege. To prevent this and make your boat last long, you need the right pontoon cover for your boat to save it from extreme weather conditions …

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pontoon grill

Best Pontoon Boat Grill Review

We believe that the Cuisinart is the best pontoon boat grill for use while boating. What makes is great, in addition to onboard cooking, is that it can be easily installed with Arnall’s brackets. Have you ever thought of a spontaneous weekend getaway from work pressure or just a lovely …

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ronix wakesurf boards

Best Ronix Wakesurf Boards Reviewed and Compared for 2019

As boating fanatics, we love all watersports and the best Ronix Wakesurf boards, reviewed and compared for 2019 make the adventure even more fun. Wakesurfing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It is gleaning attention from all around the world. However, choosing the best wakesurf board isn’t …

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air pumps

AIRHEAD Pump 12v Review

If you want to get out on the water with your inflatable tube or paddleboard, it does not require much effort and time to inflate. This Airhead Pump 12V review should help you be prepared for this summer’s activities.  If you are keen on a lasting solution, the chances are …

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seamax ocean 320 review

SEAMAX Ocean 320 Inflatable Boat Review

Inflatable boats not only make cutting through the water easy but also offer other numerous benefits. The Seamax Ocean 320 is a potentially great choice.  When it comes to safety, you are probably safer than when you use the conventional non-inflatable boats. The rigid construction of an inflatable boat makes …

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airhead towable tubes review

AIRHEAD Towable Tubes Review

Water sporting activities call for high-quality inflatable tow tubes. Made with of sturdy 480 nylon covers and thick PVC bladders, airhead towable tubes are yet to find a match for water sporting and leisure. They come in different shapes and size that suit varying ages and cruising experiences. With numerous …

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airhead strom tube review

Inflatable Towable Tube Review: Airhead AHST-2 Storm II

There is something irresistible about the excitement and fun brought about by inflatable towable tubes. The information in this Airhead towable tube review is no exception.  Skis might be a bit challenging; wakeboards proficient of bringing more thrills, but the excellent bang for the kick in roughly any towable armory …

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